Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I wish the Democrats would stop killing all of those babies!

I have muddied my feet by walking through some right-wing blogs lately. I held my nose, naturally, but not my comments. I noticed one blogger said that he could never vote for a Democrat because of all of those babies killed in abortion. Hmm. I asked if George W. Bush killed more or fewer babies than Bill Clinton. There was silence and then the reply came some days later on this blog. He said:

I would also like to answer your question, which Yankee to[took] the liberty of answering, and my answer is just about all Democrats. Abortion is the murder of innocent babies and if you support abortion you are supporting that murder. Bush is not supporting the murder of babies, if you are talking about the war it is not comparable to abortion. The purpose of abortion is to kill the baby, the purpose of the war is to protect America and, although children may get killed and it is very unfortunate, the purpose is not to kill innocent people.

Quite the interesting logic, but I give this blogger some slack as his profile indicates that he is 19-years-old. Yet, his statement cannot remain unanswered. Further, I wonder how he came to this conclusion in the first place; what 'sources' did he consult to draw the conclusion above.

The Republican propaganda machine, I suspect, was part of it, if not completely it. The GOP prides itself on its self-proclaimed family values, values expressed nearly exclusively in its opposition to a woman's choice in deciding on whether she can and/or wants to proceed with her pregnancy. To me, that is quite the narrow view of 'family values,' yet I see little beyond this one issue.

It is quite odd to hear all of the GOP candidates, save Ron Paul, warmongering to the conservative base of their party while holding up 'family values' at the same time. Each one would love to cut taxes to the bare bones, yet maintaining massive payments to the military for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. One can't reduce or remove taxes without reducing or removing spending, unless one uses the grand credit card called the National Debt.

Most modern-day Republicans would first cut social programs, programs that help maintain a quality life for many citizens, especially those lower on the economic rung. Food and housing subsidies, nutrition programs, Head Start and other education-intervention programs are all prime targets of many GOP leaders in Congress and the talking heads on the radio. Universal health care for all Americans is unthinkable to them, siding with the HMO's, pharmaceutical industry and the insurance companies at the expense of the American citizen.

These social programs are the target; they always have been the target of the right-wing of the GOP. They want the Pentagon to have all of the latest military toys, but would deny a single mother health, food and shelter to pay for them.

Thus when I hear that sad story of Democrats killing babies, I shake my head in disbelief.

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