Monday, January 28, 2008

Wars and More Wars, My Friends

John Warmonger McCain trying to scare the voters in Florida to vote for him told then on Sunday evening that there will be more and more wars. Apparently he's run out of other 'straight talk' about jobs, the economy, and other bread-and-butter issues. As a result, he trotted out his dog and pony show called Fear and War.

The poor man thought that his military experience would lead him to the golden trophy in the GOP this year, but then the economy went sour and he's left with his one-act show.

Tonight's SOU speech by Bush will be just as handicapped as old George will be faced with having to bob and weave about the tanking economy rather than his grand and glorious 'war against terra.' What a sad show that will be. These two men bet their entire political fortune on their war mongering, but, as usual, war seldom benefits anybody.

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