Friday, February 1, 2008

US army suicides set for new high

What a terrible legacy of George W. Bush. The BBC says:

Suicide rates among US soldiers are heading for a record high, army data released on Thursday shows. Eighty-nine suicides were confirmed in 2007, and if 32 suspected suicides are also confirmed, the total will rise above the 2006 figure of 102.

The man has single-handedly broken the Army. Add the 4,000 dead troops and the 30,000 maimed and permanently injured and it is a ghoulish story of a small man suffering with megalomania. The ne'erdowell failed businessman and alcoholic playboy was given the golden keys to a mighty military and he opened that door and played with the toys like a 7-year-old.

The die-hard, believing right-wingers think that his War on Iraq was just fine, closing their eyes to the ugly story, praising him for 'protecting America.' What fools. How can they remain so totally out of touch with reality? Is it because he's 'one of them?'

When I hear the next dopey right-winger still spinning the story that 'Clinton broke the military' I may have to spit in his face.

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