Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Inspired Voter Praying Like Hell

In a letter to the editor of The Blade this morning, a reader says, "Ever since the current administration courted the religious right to get elected, I've been praying nonstop." Funny stuff, but after the laughter come the tears, lots of them.

Blinded by the Bible would be a great book title and quite apropos for the past few years of American history. Recall that 'compassionate conservative', born-again Christian fellow from Texas? Sure. Been there, watched the fiasco unfold before my eyes.

The first part of that letter cited above goes like this: "With the presidential election soon upon us, I have great hope that the voters will cast their ballots with regard to their wallets, not their Bibles.This isn't to say that I haven't become a holier person since the last two elections, albeit a poorer one."

Poorer? Oh, apparently the author isn't a CEO for the energy or defense industry. Or the insurance, hospital or pharmaceutical industries either. Just an average American watching his earnings, savings and house values all drop to record lows, while his heating, food, medical, and transportation expenses rise to record highs.

Bamboozled by the Right. A companion piece to Blinded by the Bible.

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