Monday, August 18, 2008

Bush's Old Gang Breaking Up

Just this morning the news comes across the wires: Bush's old pal in crime, President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan resigned two days before his impeachment process was to begin. Best British buddy Tony Blair stepped down after the citizens protested their participation in the Bush War. Then there was his 'soul buddy,' Vladimir [I call him Vladimir] Putin who slapped Bush's face and Condi's fanny last week.

Gosh, who could have guessed this consequence? What ever happened to loyalty? And, by the way, what ever happened to that Coalition of the Willing? Is Mongolia still sending their horsemen into battle on the streets of Baghdad?

Funny stuff; pathetic, but funny in a dark way. Of course it isn't at all humorous to the families of the +4000 dead U.S. servicemen and women or the 30,000 injured and permanently disfigured. Or those thousands suffering PTSD. Not at all funny.

What happened to all of the flag-waving 'patriots' who cheered the war back in March 2003? Do they still display their flags and yellow ribbons? Or was that merely a scream of Patriotism that has now faded under further observation? And what has happened to those Clear Channel right-wing radio jocks who propagandized 'the war?' What are they saying these days? Or did they leave their microphone and join the Army?

So many questions and no good answers including this humdinger: why hasn't Nancy Pelosi allowed Articles of Impeachment to proceed? Is she just one more slick politician masquerading as a Patriot? What's in it for her? Her support for the two despots in control of the Executive Branch smacks of conspiracy. Perhaps the voters of her California district will throw her out on her ear this November. But don't bet on it.

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