Tuesday, August 19, 2008

John McCain's Appeal to the Dumbed-Down Voters

"Drill here, drill now!" is just one of the idiotic political phrases that John McCain hopes will resonate with the less-than intelligent voter this fall. And there are plenty of them throughout America, ready, like sponges, to sop up the bilge that he spouts.

Here's another: "The surge is working!" He has been touting this one for the past few days; he dropped it on the Veterans just the other day. "My opponent voted against the surge!" he crowed. This, he claims, distinguishes a real leader from an inexperienced one.

I'm amused at John McCain! Amused because I'm smarter than he, but then, he's not trying to 'reach' me. No, he has another target audience- the dumbed-down American. Lots still around, left over from 2000 and 2004.

Big Oil loves John McCain. When given the chance to vote for solar and wind energy and to cut $13 billion in tax breaks for Big Oil, McCain refused to vote. There were 99 other votes. The motion lost by one vote. John McCain- straight talk express goes off the cliff.

Then there's the surge chatter. The Blade printed an editorial about that calling it Bribery, by another name. They said,

"SO, FINALLY, there is concrete evidence that the “surge” is working in Iraq. No, not the 2007 increase in U.S. troop levels that Bush Administration optimists are crediting for a decrease in insurgent violence. We’re talking about the surge in U.S. dollars — nearly 3 billion of them — that our military has been using as a weapon to curry favor and gain cooperation from the Iraqi populace during the five-year occupation of their country."

They go on, "the U.S. has spent a whopping $250 million of the money on what is called the “Sons of Iraq” program. Since about the same time troop levels were boosted a little over a year ago, Iraqi militia men have been paid as neighborhood security guards in cities.Despite attempts by some right-wing columnists to portray the “Sons” as a bunch of civic-minded citizens akin to a Rotary Club, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that they’re really being paid to not shoot at Americans."

Yes, John McCain the surge is working and you supported it [and the war itself back in 2003]. The Straight Talk Express is sinking fast!

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