Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Toledo's Jeep Products Fail Crash Tests

Today we read that the 2008 Jeep Wrangler scored at the bottom of the safety rankings in crash tests of small SUV's. The Jeep Patriot got acceptable marks for front and rear tests, and good for side crashes when it's equipped with optional side airbags. Without the airbags, its side crash rating dropped to marginal.

Can't Chrysler ever get it right? Last year Daimler gave up on their merger with Chrysler and paid a high price for the foolish marriage; they knew when to get out. Sales of Jeep products have tanked, pardon the pun, due to low gas mileage. Imagine the lack of vision in producing gas-guzzling, boxy SUV's for the American marketplace.

The engineers at Chrysler ought to be fired for producing such low quality and inefficient products and taking the Jeep brand down the drain. The once proud phrase 'Toledo Home of the Jeep' sadly rings quite hollow these days.

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