Monday, August 18, 2008

Maniac Flamebots Still With Us

They are still with us, although noticeably in fewer numbers. Those right-wing flamebots who spew their nonsense as God's truth- the nonsense that they 'heard' from right-wing media. Just this morning on C-Span's Washington Journal one called in all in hysterics about the fact that we are not drilling in Anwr and not drilling off-shore. 'It's the liberal tree-huggers in the Democratic Party who are responsible for the high oil prices!' he mindlessly shouted into his end of the receiver. No doubt he is a John McCain supporter. No doubt he thought the Bush War was just swell as were those tax cuts that he probably thought he received.

Mindless robots, pre-programmed as verbal dolts by the right-wing, disgorging themselves of their pre-programmed 'information.' Economists and experts in the field repeat the facts that this 'easy' oil would save perhaps 3¢ per gallon after 10 years of drilling and refining, if refining is available. Nonetheless they carry 'the message' with great, ignorant passion.

I recently received information from one of the readers of my blog who sent me an email with this interesting information. His friend read a Houston newspaper article saying that one of the oil companies that owned the oil rights and rigs pumping oil out of the Gulf of Mexico had sold ten of the oil rigs to an oil company from Japan. It was his understanding as well that all of the oil being pumped from Alaska is going to Japan and not one barrel to the U.S.

The flamebots forget [or never learned] that it is a global market and 'our oil' is not 'our oil.' Of course these same people are the ones, no doubt, who wonder how out oil got stuck under that Arabian sand. It fits the pattern of neocon thinking: we get what we want and if you don't give it to us, we'll send our army and take it from you. Shock 'n Awe!

The perennial question remains: do the people know the truth? Or are they influenced by these flamebots? You'd think that, after 8 long and miserable years under Bush/Cheney politics and policy, they would see the light. Don't bet on it. After all, the new guy's, well, got the wrong skin color.

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