Saturday, August 23, 2008

Billionaire's Ad Against Obama $$$$$

The NYT has a story of billionaire, Harold Simmons, who donated nearly $2.9 million on Aug. 12 to the American Issues Project, the group running the ad. CNN and FoxNews have refused to air the ad due to its guttural and dishonest content. Ohio and Michigan are the target states.

Simmons, a Texas billionaire, has raised money for Senator John McCain and who also helped finance the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign against Senator John Kerry in 2004. Swift-boating once again may be effective especially for the dumbed-down voters.

The ad ran on Thursday in the Dayton, Ohio market. A founder of the American Issues Project, Ed Failor Jr., previously worked for Mr. McCain’s campaign, which paid his firm $50,000 in 2007, records filed with the election commission show.

No doubt the McCain people will deny any link to this ad or to the American Issues Project, After all, McCain is a straight-talker and would never lower himself to such a dirty campaign trick. Right.

Any bets on how effective the ad will be on Joe and Jane?

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