Wednesday, August 20, 2008

U.S. Invades Poland

The Bush Administration may have just put in
place a cause for another war. Today, in a
hurried up Conference in Poland with Sec. Rice
of the U.S. and Polish political leaders the
two governments entered into an agreement where
the U.S. could put so-called defensive missles
in Poland close to the the Russian border and
in return Poland received assurances that the
U.S. would use its armed forces to resist any
attack on Poland.

Rice, Bush, Gates, et al maintain that all
this is non threatening to Russia. While this
Conference had been scheduled, it had been
scheduled for some future date. The
Conference was held today to 'show' the
Russians that there are consequences for
attacking Georgia. If Rice is really a Russian
scholar, she must have ommitted all the
2000 years of Russian Polish warfare. Why are
we putting ourselves in the middle of centuries
old geopolitical rivals? As a show of force?
Then for what? Russia and Poland are habitual
enemies, and there has never been any love
lost between the two. This may be the 21st
Century and Rice can maintain that in the
21st century the U.S. has decreed there can be
no more border wars or geopolitical considerations
in evaluating national security, but the world
is still composed of national states with
traditional adversaries. For Rice to wave her
magic wand and say there is a new world order is
nothing but fantasy.

Poland is Russia's Cuba. Rice, Bush, Gates, et al
have just destroyed Russian-United States relations
for years.If Russia didn't have any intention of
attacking Poland, Russia certainly does now. What
was that about Soviet Russia missles in Cuba some
45 years ago? So now, it is OK for the U.S. to put
missles in Russia's backyard on the territory of
her bitter centuries old adversary? Russia has no
choice to respond in my opinion. I don't necessarily
mean by attacking Poland, although I could envision
an attack to take out the missles only, as we would
do in Cuba, or maybe today it would be Venezuela.
Putin and Russia have had the U.S. throw the gauntlet
down, and I expect Russia will make some move.....

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