Friday, August 22, 2008

Russia Troops- 10 Days; American Troops- 8 Years

Russia says that its invading troops will leave Georgia in about 10 days. No doubt Putin and his boss were scared by the tough talk of John McCain on the political stump. "We're all Georgians!" Yes, Mr. McCain, we're all Georgians. Pardon me but what language do Georgians speak so that I can write to them and tel them that I, too, am a Georgian.

The 'Russians are taking their time' exiting Georgia- the pained and reactionary right-wing dittoheads, panties all in a knot, repeat as a Medieval chant. Always a laugh on that side of the political spectrum. Surely the tough talk of McCain precipitated their exit.

Speaking of exits, I just heard that Bush and the Iraqis have agreed on a timetable for our exit from Iraq- 2011. Did I say time-table? Oh, John- there's a time-table for exiting Iraq, did you hear? Apparently the Bush goons have seen the light that Obama has preached for months now. I guess that Mr. McCain will have to re-tune his stump speech slightly and remove that line about no time-table. And that word 'victory,' Mr. McCain, I think you ought to drop that too.

As an aside, how does an 8-year exit compare to 10 days? Just wondering. Any right-wingers out there got a calculator?

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