Friday, August 29, 2008

Did McCain Just Hand Obama the White House?

Sarah Palin, 44-year-old first-term governor of the second smallest state and has no experience in Washington, in military affairs, or in foreign policy. A beauty queen in the Miss Wasilla contest who whistled in the talent portion. Against evolution, abortion and gay marriage, pro- death penalty, teaching of creationism in schools and the right to bear arms: she should be running for her local Christian fundamentalist PTA president. Part-time mayor of a village of Wasilla, population 7,000.

Embroiled in oil and the curious divorce of her sister: her brother-in-law is a state trooper who is in the midst of an ugly custody battle with her sister. And she's accused of getting the state police to fire him.

She refused to acknowledge the secretary of the Interior's request to list polar bears as an endangered species. She thinks that will interfere with drilling for oil on the polar bear lands. Wants to open ANWR to drilling. Then there was cow-gate: the Matanuska Maid Dairy closure.

How will she ever debate Joe Biden in the VP Debate?

Hoping to run the GOP into the ground, John McCain?

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