Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biden's Foreign Policy

American foreign policy ought to be a key issue
in this election and in the next four years.
Our foreign policy and economy are the two most
important issues and the two are intertwined.
The problem, as I see it, is that Obama/Biden
will have to be convinced to go against their
tradational foreign policy beliefs. On the face
of it, there may be more opportunity for Obama
as he doesn't come from a 30 year background of
an international foreign policy as Biden does.

In the NYT today the following quote appeared:
"Mr. Biden is widely seen as a liberal-minded
internationalist." Oh my, this sends red flags
up everywhere. What is a "liberal-minded
internationalist'? It is a person who believes
formost in diplomacy and the use of force only
as a last means. At least, that is a roll back
from the new foreign policy of the neoconservative
Republican Part based on pre-emptive military

Biden voted for the Iraq War; Obama opposed it as
a Illinois State Legislator. Yet, Obama, as is
Biden, is calling for an expanded war in Afghanistan.
That we don't need. Biden is a staunch supporter
of Israel. It was Biden who advised both Bush I and
Clinton on our involvement in the Balkans. Biden
developed a program known as "lift and strike."
This meant "lift" the arms blockade and arm the
Bosnian Muslims and "strike" by using U.S. air
power. A Democrat version of "shock and awe."
One has to think how many innocents did the Democrats
kill in the Balkans?

This is a prescription for continued elitist imperial
warfare. Biden believes in total U.S. engagement in
the world. Just recently, Biden went to Georgia and
said he supports Georgian admission to NATO. We
definitely don't need that. A foreign policy
of disengagement and a return to the philosophy of the
Founding Fathers is needed.

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