Friday, August 29, 2008

He's 72 and Still Naive

"Now, I don't believe that Senator McCain doesn't care what's going on in the lives of Americans," Obama said last night. "I just think he doesn't know." I think he's nailed something. Living in a bubble of luxury and contentment lends itself to the belief that most Americans live their lives that way too. I'm reminded of that hit record of some years past: Don't Get Around Much Any More."

Neither did George W. and Dick Cheney, and for that matter lots of senators. The ruling class seldom wants for much. Historians note many instances of oligarchical rule and how the people suffered while the oligarchs didn't seem to notice or care how the rest of the nation wallowed in misery and neglect.

Why would McCain know? He defines wealthy as 'around $5 million.' And he doesn't know the number of houses he and his wife own. He's a country club millionaire who hires servants.

Yet, he paints Obama as 'elite.' Funny stuff, indeed. Of course, John Kerry was painted as some unpatriotic numskull, undeserving of his purple hearts, compared to AWOL National Guard, avoid-the-war Bush. The Republicans use a broad and hypocritical brush to paint their opponents.

"I just think he doesn't know." Right on!

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