Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama's Wrong World View

Last night I listened to a well written speech
for Michelle Obama. While it was a good
speech for the traditional Democratic Party,
it doesn not live up "To The Change We Can
Believe In."

My main concern is with the statements on
foreign policy. Michelle Obama in her
speech calls on the United States "to strive
for the world as it should be", and
concludes, "Isn't that the great American

To be sure, it is, and thats why we are an
imperial nation. This is elitism pure and
simple. The United States knows best what the
world order should be. This philosophy only
continues an errant foreign policy of
interference in the internal affairs of other
nations. It forces us to maintain a professional
imperialist military. The world does not want
the United States meddling in its internal national
affairs. Just today, Maliki of Iraq again told
the Bush Adm. that all U.S. troops are to be out
now, and certainly by 2011. Why does Obama want
to go down this same disastrous path?

As an aside: Michelle refers to the United States
as "America". The Northern and Southern Hemispheres
are America, just not the United States; we are the
United States of America. This word is akin to
waving a red flag in front of a bull to the other
American nations. Obama like to say: "We are the
United States of America." He ought to speak the
way his slogans suggest. This change would be very
symbolic, and the other nations of the Americas
would welcome it and help to restore the "Good
Neighbor" spirit for all the Americas.

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