Friday, August 29, 2008


Former Pakistan Prime Minister, Sharif,
announced that he is withdrawing his Party
from the ruling coalition after the fall
of Musharrif. Violence is spreading in
Pakistan amid political turmoil. Pakistan
is in the throes of sharply rising food
and fuel prices, and at the same time the
militants are much more active with the
ending of the Musharrif government. The
Bush Administration is very concerned about
the growing power of the militants and that
the governmental leaders are paying little
attention to the militants. The U.S.
believes that the government is too distracted
by a struggle for power to tackle the
Islamic militancy and the serious economic
problems. Now with the collapse of the
coalition for the moment the country is bogged
down in party wrangling for position in the
coming elections on September 6.

Here is the only moslem country with nuclear
weapons in turmoil. How long will it be
before Democrat and Republican internationalists
clamor for U.S. intervention in Pakistan? In
speeches the last two nights at the Democratic
National Convention, Afghanistan and Pakistan
were mentioned numerous times. If we follow
bin Laden to his cave, and not to hell, and
that cave is in Pakistan, Obama is saying 'go
get him'. How would that play out in the
Moslem world?

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