Tuesday, August 26, 2008

McCain American Legion Speech

The American Legion is holding their National
Convention in Phoenix. McCain was one of the
main speakers. Since this is veterans rights
and very patriotic organization, like the VFW,
a large amount of McCain's topic was on the
rights and assistance to veterans. As one
would expect McCain touted his Navy experience
and how he would be the best president on
Veteran Affairs.

However, the opening of his speech was concerned
with U.S. foreign policy, especially on Georgia.
According to McCain, Georgia is a peace loving,
democracy and was brutally attacked by Russia.
(As we know, McCain has now sent his wife to see
first hand the atrocities the Russians committed.)
He said that the "country's cause in the world, is
to lead; that America is to being good to the world,
bring freedom in the face of tyranny; that we defend
other nations by aggressive leadership; the world
wants American democracy; we have to stop slaughter
of others by a tyrannt; be a defender of the
oppressed; and have to bring freedom and justice
to the world."

This speech is further proof that the traditional
Republican Party has been transformed into the neo-
conservative Republican Party. Tradition Republican
Party philosophy was non-involvement, but the new
neoconservative Party begs for reasons to attack
other countries. The neoconservative Republican
Party is as internationalist as the Democratic Party,
one begins with pre-emptive attacks devoid of
diplomacy and the other with diplomacy as a starting
point respectively.

Therefore, we have the two major parties calling for
internationalism in foreign affairs. Obama and
McCain are virtually on the same page. Yep, as so
often said, "not a dimes worth of difference." More
Koreas, Vietnams, Lebanons, Granadas, Kosovos, and
Iraqs. This elitist philosophy of U.S. foreign
policy must be overcome by a sane foreign policy as
envisionaged by the Constitution, providing for the
common defense only...

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