Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sixteen Percent of US Science Teachers are Creationists

Well, the good news is that 84% are not. Texas, again, you know, the evolutionists versus the creationists in the public school curriculum. The New York Times editorial yesterday has the latest:

The Texas Board of Education gave grudging support last week to teaching the mainstream theory of evolution without the most troubling encumbrances sought by religious and social conservatives. But the margins on crucial amendments were disturbingly close, typically a single vote on a 15-member board, and compromise language left ample room for the struggle to continue.

This was not a straightforward battle over whether to include creationism or its close cousin, intelligent design, in the science curriculum. That battle has been lost by Darwin’s opponents in the courts, the schools and most political arenas.

Rather, this was a struggle to insert into the state science standards various phrases and code words that may seem innocuous or meaningless at first glance but could open the door to doubts about evolution. In the most ballyhooed vote, those like us who support the teaching of sound science can claim a narrow victory.

[end of editorial]

In Texas, as red as blood, and way stuck-in-the-past, it must be tough to teach science there when, depending on how the wind blows, one might be forced to deny Darwin and embrace the mysterious, and all-powerful intelligent creator. Fundamentalists have quite the stranglehold on the state. George Bush, you know. I'll bet the 'science' wing of his Presidential Library contains bibles.

Back to the 16%. A recent survey revealed that, when asked about the teachers' personal beliefs, about the same number, 16% of the total, said they believed human beings had been created by God within the last 10,000 years. I bet I know one high school in northern Kentucky with a 90% or higher figure. Surely, those red states, you know, the ones who voted McCain by wide margins, must have scored significantly higher 'creationism' numbers in the survey because surely the northeastern states skewed the numbers way lower.

Forever red, dumbed-down, and at ease with a gun in one hand, the Bible in the other.

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