Friday, April 3, 2009

Nada, Again

Nada single House  Republican voted for the Obama budget.  Do you suspect that an electrictian ought to be called in to check the electronic voting devices to see if the 'yes' wires are disconnected? Or a brain surgeon?

"Too much spending!" "Not enough tax cuts for corporate America!" ""Tax cuts for the rich missing!"

Lock-step, ditto-head, gang mentality. Not one Republican had the courage to vote 'yes.' Not one.

Oh, you say, why should they? Just look at that blooooooated budget- $3.6 trillion! That's 'T' trillion. "We're spending so much that it compromises our grandchildren's future!" they say.

"T" trillion, you say? As in the 2009 Bush Budget of $3.1 trillion? The 'budget' without the Iraq and Afghanistan War 'supplementals' that were added on later, out of sight? Oh, THAT budget.

But this is different altogether, isn't it? After all, it's a budget from a DEMOCRAT in the White House. Yes, very different.

Nada single Republican.


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