Saturday, April 4, 2009

Toledo's Ivory Tower Mayor

I'm being kind by only accusing Carlton S. Finkbeiner of residing in an ivory tower; I've said much worse about him in the past. There is a long, tattered, stained and torn list that I could roll out about this Grand Poobah character, but I have neither the time nor the energy to rehash the sordid history of this man.

Here's the latest. The city of Toledo is in free-fall, skidding to the depths of economic abyss. Jobs, industry, businesses are vanishing at a record rate. So are tax revenues, of course. Streets filled with ever-deepening potholes, sewers caving in, flooded basements, snow plowing and leaf collection nearly halted, people fleeing the city like rats on a ship. Millions of dollars shortfall in the budget, police and fire layoffs impending, a City Council that cannot speak to the mayor, red ink as far as one can see. Today it was revealed that there is no money this year for residential street repaving.

Yet, the hapless mayor has entered this city in a contest for outstanding city in the America! Yes, you read that correctly. Mayor Carleton S. Finkbeiner is going to Tampa, Florida with a contingent of city 'leaders' to proclaim Toledo Ohio as one of the finest All American Cities.

A competition for the All-America City Award. Yes, I know, but he doesn't.

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