Saturday, April 4, 2009

Congenially Anthropomorphic

I plagerized this phrase from the Atheist Camel blog; hope you don't mind, Hump. Christian communities throughout the world are in a heightened state of anticipation this week and next as they prepare to celebrate the Easter mystery.

In Greek mythology, Demeter and Persephone convey the idea of a goddess returning seasonally from the 'nether regions' to the light of the day. This occurs, of course, with the vernal equinox, March 21, when nature is in 'resurrection' after the winter.

Spring, the season of rejuvenation, rejoicing and renewal and a 'basketful' of new promises and gifts. Nature, at last, discards its weary, gray cover to don a 'brand new outfit.' The shining sun warms the land and our hearts and minds after that dreadful death of winter. The brook comes alive once again and babbles playfully while the flowers press out of their wintry graves. Mother Nature,at last, smiles once again after 'testing' whether her creation was able to endure her annual near-death punishment.

Is Mother Nature bipolar? A sadist? An unfit mother? Why, do you suppose, she abuses her 'children' so? For me, this past winter was especially grim. Perhaps I'm getting too old to endure this annual 'joke' or rather punishment from Mother Nature. Haven't I been tested enough over the past 6 decades? Have I yet more punishment to endure for the indiscretions of my youth? Will I be tormented for endless winters yet to unfold until I, too, am frozen still beneath the cold earth for eternity?

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