Thursday, April 2, 2009

GOP Budget- April Fools

Round II of the unveiling of the GOP Budget was held, appropriately yesterday, April Fools Day.  You may recall the out-take rehearsal last week when man-tanned John Boehner pretended to unveil the GOP Budget. That was good for a laugh.

Yesterday the all-white GOP House members stood on the steps of the U.S. Capital in a group photo- sort of share the blame for the last 8 years- while their 'leaders' ballyhooed this [actual] budget.  Man-tanned is seen just behind Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell - escapee from Madame Toussaint's Wax Museum.

Oh, we all wondered, what would be inside the blue cover of that document.  Would it actually contain numbers this time?  And how would it address the current financial fiasco that resulted from the actions and policies of this  knot of GOP insolents?

The answers were clear:

1. yes, it had numbers;
2. nada- as in nada bit different.

Tax cuts for the rich and for corporations were the key highlights of  the GOP Blueprint for Disaster, version 2.0. The Stimulus Bill?  CUT!  Who needs that, anyway?  Just more socialism!

When will they ever learn?  America rejected their failed policies big time in the fall of 2008, yet, here they are once again, peddling the same snake oil as last time- just in a different bottle.

Purge!  Purge the Republican Party of its 'leaders' and allow it to become the once Great Old Party again.  Until then, it appears that America will remain a one-party nation.

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