Monday, March 10, 2008

2000 Redux: Stealing Florida

On CNN this morning a spokesperson from the Hillary Campaign was asked whether she supported the idea that surfaced yesterday and supported by DNC Chair Howard Dean: mail-in votes for Florida and Michigan to legitimize their primary. Rather than answering that question, the surrogate began a spin not unlike we saw at the end of the 2000 vote in Florida. "The voters have spoken, the election should stand." Recall that line? Bush spinmeisters.

She would not answer the question asked but said, "A record number of people came out in Florida to vote and their wishes should count." When CNN's Kira Phillips said, "Republicans outnumbered the Democrats in that vote," the spokesperson spun that to, "Senator Clinton got more votes than John McCain."

Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton dynasties are alive and well and looking to continue ruling America.

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