Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Obama Plucks 10 California Delegates Out of Thin Air

Who's keeping score? Apparently whoever is miscounted the Obama delegates from California and it appears as Obama picked up 10 more delegates. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday:

Sen. Obama may make up all that lost ground [from Ohio and Texas] in the media counts that are the closest this race has to an official scoreboard. A California politics blogger has argued that Sen. Clinton won 36 more pledged delegates in the state than Sen. Obama, rather than the 44-delegate margin that has long been included in the news organizations’ tallies. A spokesman for the state party confirms the blogger’s numbers.

The shift, if validated once the state certifies its election results this week and the party chooses its delegates, is a reminder that the commonly reported delegate totals are mere estimates, subject to change as states finalize election results. It also highlights how a blogger with intense focus on the numbers may be faster than the established delegate counters.

I suppose that this Clinton loss will mean even more negative remarks from her campaign towards Obama as her hopes fade even more. I understand that in a conference call yesterday, one of Clinton's advisors said that Obama is not ready to be Commander-in-Chief. Apparently she is because of her 8 years as First Lady. I guess at least she knows where the red phone is located.

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