Monday, March 10, 2008

Hey Right-wingers: Tell me about wasteful tax-dollars

I've never known a right-winger who doesn't use the line, "...wasting our tax dollars!" Seems that they are always vigilant about the correct ways to spend these precious dollars. Of course, they don't like any taxes and, Like Bush-McCain, want to keep the generous tax cuts for the wealthy permanent.

Odd stuff; odd people. They are the kind of people who know where the tax dollars ought NOT to go. You know, that cloaked racism: those damned welfare cheats! Schools too: those bloated teachers' salaries and all. The bootstraps mentality.

They remind me of a home owner who caulks the windows during winter but leaves the back door wide open. The back door in this case is the George Bush War on Iraq. Twelve billion dollars a month is the price tag for that phony preemptive war. Twelve billion tax dollars. Quite a few welfare mothers, eh?

"We will never surrender!" shouts John McCain, receiving applause from the audience. Surrender? That's an odd term. Who is the enemy to which we would 'surrender'?

Twelve billion dollars a month, and the right-wingers don't give a damned. Real Americans, real patriots.

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