Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Adm. Fallon Out as Bush Sings Honky-tonk

The top US military commander for Iraq and Afghanistan resigned last night after weeks of behind-the-scenes disagreements with the White House over the direction of American foreign policy. Admiral William Fallon, the head of US Central Command, left his post a week after a profile in Esquire magazine portrayed him as a dove opposed to President’s Bush’s Iran policy.

The CENTCOM commander. A navy admiral who knows the whole story about this neocon gang that strangles our nation. I wonder if his forced-resignation will dislodge any more top military brass, open any more mouths of dissent, cause awakenings of conscience to call out this boob of a president?

Colin Powell was the first victim because he did not open his mouth. He's history, career down the drain. I'm wondering if there are any more generals out there who value their nation more than this president? We'll see.

Meanwhile Bush was 'singing' a song about Scooter Libby and FEMA's Michael Brown to the laughter of the assembled crowd. Imagine laughing at an incompetent at the height of one of the worst hurricanes in our history! Imagine laughing at the outting of a CIA agent and his pardon by the co-conspirator. Laugh at that?

Sick, sick people.

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