Friday, March 14, 2008

Time Now for Hillary Talk to Pennsylvania About the Economy

She often reminds my of that little boy yelling "Wolf! Wolf!" Distraction. You know, the race thing and the 3 AM phone call. George Bush did that quite often too with those sudden and non-specific 'terrorist plots' that would creep into the conversation at just the right time.

The citizens of Pennsylvania want to know about their wallets and pocketbooks: that's security issue number one these days. They're not worried about a black man or an al-Qaeda terrorist entering their home at 3 AM; their money, their livelihood, and their future has already been stolen by this administration, this war, this Congress. It's family survival- that's the issue.

Hillary's blame game isn't going to work, either. Pennsylvanians don't care much who caused it: they want it fixed. Today's papers speak of record oil prices, soaring gasoline prices, the falling dollar, the shrinking job market, and the continuing fallout from the mortgage crisis. People's lives are at stake; their homes are either falling in value or are in danger of being foreclosed. Supermarket bills are moving up the same as the prices at the pump. Blaming Bush doesn't solve their problem. He's on the way out.

Rather than dropping little cluster bombs here and there on Obama, what does Hillary Clinton have to offer the people of Pennsylvania? Why should she be up 18 points in the polls? The race and al-Qaeda scare factors may be the appetizers, but what's the main course for these people?

Here are the links to both sites on The ISSUES. Compare the plans that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have to get this nation back on track. See who really has a plan for all Americans to become more economically secure in the next four years.

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