Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bush-McCain Vote for Torture

The chameleon POW John McCain, now that he has secured the GOP nomination, panders to the most base levels of his party by voting for waterboarding as a torture technique. Although a majority of Senators thought that technique was morally reprehensible and would hurt the image of our nation as a moral authority in the world, John McCain thought it would help get him votes in the Fall.

Naturally Bush vetoed the bill. Sick men like him enjoy causing pain in others, much like his enjoyment during his youth of torturing frogs at the family's pond during his youth. Odd isn't it, although he likes to inflict pain in others, he needed alcohol to mute his.

I understand, sadly, that McCain has hired Karl Rove as a political adviser. Now, if elected, we'll have 4 more years of Rove-Bush. It has a nice sound, doesn't it: Bush-McCain-Rove.

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