Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Christian Right Looks For Leadership

Dobson, founder of the fundamentalist organization, Focus on the Family,is concerned about the future leadership of the Christian Right. He points out that the leaders
are old and dying. He refers to Falwell, Kennedy,Graham, Robertson, Swindoll, and Colson. Dobson is 71.

He said, "It causes me to wonder who will be left to carry the banner when this generation of leaders are gone." He was speaking at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville. He continued, "the question is, will the younger generation heed the call? Who will defend the unborn child in the years to come? Who will plead for the Terri Schiavos of the world? Who is going to fight for the institution of marriage, which is on the ropes? What will be the impact on the conservative Christian church when the patriarchs have passed?"

He is concerned that the religious right is shifting from national leaders to local leaders.

President Bush spoke as well at the convention. He received loud applause when he said that the Presidential race would not affect how he will run the Iraq war. Maybe we got a preview that same day of the Bush-Cheney-Republican Party next war, as later in the day he accepted the "resignation" of Admiral Fallon, as reported elsewhere on this blog. Do I hear "Onward Christian Soldiers"?

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