Saturday, October 13, 2007

700 Years Too Late: Knights Templar Vindicated

Things work very slowly in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church but righteousness comes to those who wait. 700 years. Seems the Vatican has taken back their edict of heresy against the Knights Templar. "The Knights Templar, the medieval Christian military order accused of heresy and sexual misconduct, will soon be partly rehabilitated when the Vatican publishes trial documents it had closely guarded for 700 years."

According to Reuters, "

The Templars went into decline after Muslims re-conquered the Holy Land at the end of the 13th century and were accused of heresy by King Philip IV of France, their foremost persecutor. Their alleged offences included denying Christ and secretly worshipping idols.

The most titillating part of the documents is the so-called Chinon Parchment, which contains phrases in which Pope Clement V absolves the Templars of charges of heresy, which had been the backbone of King Philip's attempts to eliminate them.

Templars were burned at the stake for heresy by King Philip's agents after they made confessions that most historians believe were given under duress."

How interesting. How very sad, but not surprising that it took 7 centuries for this lie to be rectified. Those massive wooden doors of the church are hard to pry open. Just ask those abused by priests how slowly the hierarchy acts in matters of justice.

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