Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eight More 'Heckuva Job' Bush Losers

Mother Jones' October issue has an article on 8 lesser-known but equally incompetent people that Mr. Bush placed into positions in his administration. Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Brownie, and Paul Wolfowitz weren't the only dopes, just the most famous, or is that infamous?

One of my favorites on this list is Joseph Schmitz, former Inspector General of the Defense Department. His father, John G., was an ultraconservative, known for his outrageous sound bites, such as, "Martin Luther King is a notorious liar." He, a 2-term congressman from California, began a longterm extramarital affair with one of his young students, who secretly gave birth to two illegitimate children. He accepted the presidential nomination of George Wallace's abandoned American Independent Party to run against Nixon who he hated. He was expelled from the John Birch Society for 'extreme views.'

His sister, Mary Katherine Schmitz, is a former school teacher infamous for having two children with one of her teenaged students. She was convicted of statutory rape and sentenced to seven years in prison.

Although the 'sins of the father...,' one cannot wonder at the effect that this had on son Joseph. He is a member of Opus Dei and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. He is on the board of Baker Botts, Houston Law Firm, James A. Baker, friend of the Bush family, which obviously landed the job for Schmitz.

Mother Jones says of him, "Tasked with investigating fraud, waste, and abuse at the Pentagon, Schmitz instead found himself being investigated by the Senate for allegedly falsifying press releases, blocking outside oversight of his office, and possibly protecting Defense employees from criminal investigations."

They then go on to say that after he resigned, he became an "executive at the parent company of private security contractor Blackwater, which guards U.S. officials in Iraq."

How apropos: Blackwater, now under investigation both here and by the Iraqi Government. is it any wonder why millions of Americans have turned their back on this Bush/Cheney cabal now in power? My question is: what too so long for the average Joe to catch on to these two swindlers?

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