Sunday, October 7, 2007

Evangelicals Heading Off Cliff: Let's Hope So!

I hope that my brief cyber trip to does not result in any psychological virus, but I was curious to read an article on one of my favorite political topics: those funny evangelical Christians. Kathleen Parker, whose more moderate conservative views barely qualify her for residency at Townhall, said in a recent article, Christians for Self-Defeat, "Evangelical Christians never had it so good, but they seem not to know it. Instead of supporting the candidate who most shares their values -- Mitt Romney -- they seem hell-bent for the proverbial cliff."

Let's hope so!

They would rather start a 3rd party than support one of 'those' Christians. You know, the "M" word. Apparently the "M's" are not the 'right' kind of Christian. Obviously, there must be some sort of secret gospel in their possession that says just that. I do enjoy reading secret gospels, the ones that managed to survive that early-Christian book burning fervor that purified early Christian thought. Perhaps someone could give me a hint where I, too, can find the real true story of Jesus and his plan.

A minister from the Southern Baptist Convention was one of the guests this morning on C-Span. He, too, has a litmus test for president; Giuliani comes up too blue. The female body, again. One caller challenged him, not unlike many of my posts, about the 9-month right to life or the life-time right-to-life, especially nailing the Bush veto of children's health care. He managed to spin nicely around that, using all of the White House talking points.

Then there are those Zionist Christians of which I recently wrote who wish Bush to nuke Iran. Apparently they found another secret gospel that orders that directive.

I often play in my youngest grandson's sandbox with him. Sometimes we filter the sand with the various sieves he has. We throw the chaff out, keeping in only the finest sand. I think this might be the perfect metaphor for those oh-so righteous fundamentalist Christians.

The most ironic part of this entire filtering scenario is the fact that story after story in the Gospels is Jesus reaching out to the women, the outcast, the leper, the blind, the sinner, the foreigner. Oddly his 'sieve' only filtered out the hypocrite.

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