Monday, October 8, 2007

Blackwater: Angry White Boy's Dream Job

They don't have to string up nooses or scribble KKK/WHITE POWER on buildings during the wee hours of morning. No need to worry about federal hate-crimes prosecution. No "nigger!" epithets from rolled down windows. No repressed racial hatred for these white guys.

It must be a red-neck's dream: killing and harassing coloreds with impunity. And they get paid handsomely for their adventures. No more silly and boring video games, blasting away at some virtual bad guys. This is the real stuff!

I recall my twenties and thirties with some reluctance. Seems to me that looking and acting tough was the thing to do at that age. Emotions and hormones always at peak levels. I can't imagine what it must be like in these days for private security guards in Iraq: all of the emotions and hormones and an open urban hunting season with the best automatic weapons money can buy.

To throw into this mix white boy's privilege and a pinch of racial intolerance is like a match on tinder. The results are clearly seen in the recent cold-blooded killings of 17 Iraqi citizens. Surely, this is but one incident of this kind that, unfortunately for the contractors, happened to have many witnesses. Who knows how many others were perpetrated in the darkness?

Lest some Bush sycophant hang me from the white tree, I am not ignorant enough to condemn all private military contractors of this activity, yet who cannot imagine that the absolute freedom from legal persecution afforded these 'contractors' would lead some to the dark side?

When there is no legal impunity for actions, such as the case in Iraq for these contractors, the door is wide open for abuse of power aggravated by racial intolerance. Those barbarians in the pages of our history books are perfect examples of what humans can do to others if there is no moral or legal code mollifying their activity.

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