Sunday, October 7, 2007

An Expose of Pastor John Hagee

Pastor John Hagee lives in San Antonio, Texas and is Pastor of Cornerstone Church.
He is founder and leader of "Christians United For Israel", which is an 18,000 incendary
lobby of hate toward Iran, Arabs, and Moslems. Hagee wants an end-time confrontation
in the Middle East. He preaches and leads the lobby effort to prevent a two-state
solution for the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and calls on Congress to
support a pre-emptive military attack on Iran. (His influence can be seen recently in the
lop-sided Senate Resolution vote which many see as a blank check for Bush-Cheney go-ahead
to attack Iran). When he comes to Washington to deliver speeches one-third of the House and
one-half of the Senate attend. As we recently saw on television, Sen. Obama even visited
his church. Moreover, he meets regularly with the top leaders of the GOP(God's Only Party)
and contenders of the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination. The President of the Unitd
States sends letters of endorsement to his speaking engagements. His motivation is to hasten armageddon and preaches that the return of Jesus depends on the protection of Israel and that a peaceful two-state coexistence between Israel and the Palestinians is contrary to biblical prophecy of the rapture. He and the CUFI and his fellow-travelers work against any prospect of ending the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. He preaches that there will be no
peace until Jesus returns in the flesh. His sole purpose is to hasten that time by igniting
passions against Washington, the UN, and any person(recently Jimmy Carter has been in
his cross-hairs) who speaks in favor of coexistence between Israel and the Arabs, especially
the Palestinians. He considers any one speaking against Isreal as "the real enemy." He says
the UN is a "pathetic and hopeless organization" because it stands in the way of the
fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Hagee says, "God deals with nations, churches, and people
as they deal with Israel and the Jewish people. It is clear that Israel is in the greatest days
she has faced since six armies tried to strangle the Jewish state in the birth canal in 1948.
The head of the beast of radical Islam in the Middle East is Iran. Iran is Germany.
Ahmadinejad is Hitler, and he is talking about killing the Jews. The only way to prevent a
nuclear war is to make certain it never starts. It's time for America to adopt Sen. Lieberman's
words and consider a military pre-emptive strike against Iran."

Hagee is straight on message and very good at whipping the passions of his faithful to a frenzy.
Shortly after Falwell's death, he spoke at Liberty University. It is being re-broadcast on the
TBN network, and one can catch his effectiveness. He does not mince words and the crowd is
jumping to their feet calling and shouting for Jesus. Hagee is crazed with his grand plan for a
biblical prohisied end-time confrontation, armagheddon, which will lead to the rapture, the
tribulation, and the second coming of Christ. "The end of the world as we know it is rapidly
approaching, rejoice and be exceedingly glad, the best is yet to be." What Hagee does is to
"cherry-pick" his biblical passages and verses. He never mentions that according to the bible,
the Arabs descended from Abraham as well.

As might be expected, Hagee is a very close friend of AIPAC, the American Israeli Political
Action Committee. They love him because he brings many votes with him. Yet, there is
a quid pro quid, he extracts. He gives AIPAC his support, but AIPAC has to remain silent
on the religious right political agenda. He gets Jewish silence on his desire to establish a
theocracy in the US. Another reason AIPAC remains silent is that his followers are often
visitors to Israel and it encourages all Christians to come to Israel, which is crucial to
Israel's tourist industry. Hagee is a clear and present danger, therefore, in three ways. He
agitates against US foreign policy in the Middle East as with the Israelis and the Palestinians,
he leads the way for pre-emptive war with Iran, and domestically his desire is to destroy
the Constitution of the United States. His analogy of Ahmadinejad being Hitler doesn't hold
up, but he doesn't care; it is eggareration for effect. Ahmadenejad has not killed six million
Jews. Hagee is the christo-fascist; he is the Hitler. Hagee is well aware that the Jews have
to be killed off for biblical prophecy to be literal. His congregation and fellow travelers are the
storm troops, first the SA and then the SS. Like Hitler, he is a war monger. He travels all over
the US and visits all the mega-churches. He calls these pastors, "the spiritual generals of
America." For Ohioans, his major supporter is Rod Parsley. To ignore Pastor John Hagee
is peril.

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