Thursday, October 11, 2007

Location of Heaven Found: It's All in Your Head

For a heavenly experience, wear the 'God Helmet for a little while. It stimulates certain parts of the brain with weak electromagnetic fields. Apparently, God resides in an area that some scientists are calling the 'God Spot.'

This month's Scientific American Mind has an extensive article it calls, 'Searching for God in the Brain.' The article begins with an account of 15 cloistered nuns who left their secluded convent to take part in an experiment to see if an fMRI could find that God Spot while the nuns concentrated on their personal 'divine union' memories.

Coincidentally [or synchronously] I received an email link to a site that suggested that Jesus and his followers used marijuana compounds in their rituals, especially during the curing of the sick. The article, Cannabis and the Christ, gives the recipe for an ancient recipe for this anointing oil, recorded in the Old Testament book of Exodus (30: 22-23) included over nine pounds of flowering cannabis tops, Hebrew "kaneh-bosm" extracted into a hind (about 6.5 litres) of olive oil, along with a variety of other herbs and spices. The ancient chosen ones were literally drenched in this potent cannabis holy oil.

Science has been looking for 'heaven' with its most powerful telescopes without any luck. The writers of the Bible thought it existed just above the sun, moon and stars, like a lid above the earth. Folks who ascended and descended to earth came down from the clouds or went up to them. Not there, astronomers tell us.

Many modern theologians have been telling us that God does not dwell 'up there' but rather, inside of us. Jesus did too. Strangely, though, quite a few folks can't abide that simplistic theological answer. They look for God 'out there' in that mysterious universe. God has to be out there, they argue, because... Well, because all of the ancient myths have their Deity coming from outer space. Besides, they continue to argue, that odd last book of the Bible talks about being raptured up. So did many sci-fi movies.

Wouldn't it be a hoot if the Deity DID exist in one of the areas of the brain and that, all along, this Deity has been trying to tell people to be nice to each other? Just be nice. Simple, uncomplicated theology. No hierarchy, no massive buildings, no collection plates, no scriptures. Just be nice to each other.

Those nuns do and so do Buddhist monks high on the Tibetan Plateau. Marijuana users zone out, calm down, and hallucinate about beautiful images, beautiful people. The helmet does it too. Imagine if everyone wore a sign, CAUTION: GOD DWELLS HERE!

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