Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bush and Cronies Look'n for Another War

The third. The first two didn't go according to plan; actually, there wasn't any. Maybe they kissed their lucky rabbit's foot, hoping that the new war, Iran, will go better.

'Do you hear what I hear?' Line from a Christmas song or the latest talk against Iran. Today Petraeus fingered Iran as a large problem in Iraq. Oh, really, general, is that so? As the top Bush sycophant, he's trying to help Bush pin the blame for the war on somebody, anybody but the president and the military leaders. He said, "You cannot lose focus on al Qaeda, but there is "no question" that Iranian arms are ending up in the hands of Iraqi militias."

Five years into this mess, the Bush folks are still looking for the guilty party' obviously they don't count. Didn't I read recently that Iraq is buying a boatload of guns from China? Baghdad apparently passed by made-in-America Colt M16A3 rifles and paid $100 million for Chinese AK-47 knockoffs.

Then there were those 190,000 missing guns sent from America to Baghdad that, well, seem to be MIA. We also recall that hapless L. Paul Bremer, the former top U.S. administrator in Iraq, who issued an order in 2003 that essentially upheld Iraqi law: Every man and woman 25 and older with a "good reputation and character" was entitled to own one firearm, including a fully automatic AK-47 assault rifle. No doubt, Bremer is a card-carrying member of the NRA.

This piece of news from Radio Praha: "Coalition forces in Iraq have come across insurgents wearing Czech-made bullet-proof vests. American authorities suspected that illegal shipments of military equipment from the Czech Republic to Iraq could have occurred, and have asked the Czech police for assistance in investigating the matter." Odd that I haven't heard the general talk about Czech arms in Iraq.

From the UK Guardian: "The government was facing awkward questions last night over an arms deal involving a British company licensed by the Department of Trade and Industry to import weapons but which was also selling Bosnian machine guns to an Iraqi official later implicated in an alleged $1.1bn (£545m) corruption scandal." General?

Iranian guns in Iraq? Welcome to the gun show, general.

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