Friday, October 12, 2007

Lots of Angry Republicans Today

He won the Nobel Peace Prize. That was way too much for loyal Republicans to endure. Way too much?

They were so giddy back in November 2000 when George Bush was declared president that they nearly wet their pants.

Seven long years later, after 9-11, WMD's, 'Mission Accomplished, out of control spending on the Iraq War, wire taping, and deficits up to their ears, what a loyal Republican did not need at this time is Al Gore winning the Peace Prize.

During the C-Span call in program this morning they let their anger loose on Al Gore. One caller said that while he talks, lots of hot air is released adding to the notion of global warming. They also don't believe in global warming at all. Clearly they were an angry lot. And they used the news as their blow-valve.

I wonder if their anger ought to be with themselves. Of course, they wouldn't say so, for that is way to honest. Surely they are angry with what George Bush has failed to do, but they loyalty keeps them mum about that anger. So, like an adolescent, they have to blame somebody else.

I'll bet that Rush and Hannity had a blast with the Gore prize today. Poor cretins. But then they are so adolescent in their thought patterns that we might forgive them for they know not what they do.

Nonetheless, congratulations to the man who ought to have been president, and we can only dream of what America may have been like were it true.

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