Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So Many Issues...So Little Promise

I can see why some folks stop paying attention any more. They go about their own affairs and those of friends and family. No political interest, no vote. At least their personal lives are unfettered by the tumult of the movers and shakers of the world. Perhaps they have found peace in their isolation.

I reflect on the following headlines and shake my head in wonder at it all; oh, to be able to turn it all off.

Turkey Pressured to Send Troops Into Northern Iraq

Anti-Terror Spy Network Wrecked by White House Leak

Bombs Kill at Least 24 in Attacks Across Iraq

Resistance, Not Repression, Is the Real Story From Burma

Fearing Political Backlash, Democrats Prepare toRetreat on Wiretapping

Petraeus Steps Up Accusations Against Iran

US, West Seen Skirting Iraqi Refugee Crisis

Iraqi Authorities Seek Blackwater Ouster

Iraq Embassy Costs Soar Amid Poor Planning

Thousands Forced to Flee Darfur Town

White House: Al-Qaida expected to intensify

Tibetans storm Chinese embassy to protest religious policies

Democrats put debate on Iraq troop withdrawals on hold

Pakistani troops resume shelling near Afghan border

'Jena 6' case leads rash of racial incidents.

Zimbabwe women report police abuse

Iraq: Security convoy kills 2 women

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