Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bush, the Troops, and His Conscience

On his trip to the Middle East, George Bush, naturally, stopped for a photo-op with the troops. He gave a speech, cracked some jokes, told them that they were doing a fine job, shook a few hands, and got back into his secure vehicle and got the hell out of there.

If he has a conscience at all, and the jury is out on that, what does it say to him as he looks at these men and women whom he placed in war?

Franklin Roosevelt was the last president to honestly and justly send troops into a war. All others were optional. George Bush's was folly.

Does he think of that when he looks into the soldiers' eyes? Does his conscience speak to him and say, "I sent you to Iraq because I was too weak and a naive president who listened to people with an agenda of their own." Does it ever say, "A pre-emptive war on Iraq was not necessary at all and if I had waited for more data, it would not have been needed."

Naturally, this assumes his brain functions as a 'normal' man's would. That is not at all a correct assumption. The man has both organic brain damage due to excessive alcohol abuse as well as a personality disorder or a more severe mental illness. Few psychologists doubt that just from what they have seen and heard from the man in the past 7 years.

President U.S. Grant was a known alcoholic, but few would judge him as mentally ill. Nixon was mentally ill, but not an alcoholic. George W. Bush will have been the first president to suffer both illnesses while in the Oval Office. It is clear to all of us and especially clear to 3,918 dead American troops, that whatever conscience the man has, it functions very poorly.

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