Saturday, January 19, 2008

Politicians Don't Get It

So, Bush and Congress want to turn the federal piggy bank upside down
to prevent a recession. Probably too late, as many economists and Wall
Street say the country is already in recession. The initial proposal is
$145 billion of pump priming. Where is money coming from?

As Ron Paul and Walker, the Comptroller General say, the country is virtually
bankrupt. Must be our good friends the Chinese who will loan the
money. How about the Saudis? Bush just gave them $20 billion of arms
and missles. Better yet, the Israelis. Bush gave them $30 billion. Here
we are, one of the leading arms merchants in the world, selling more arms
to the volitile Middle East. Problem is Clinton would, Obama probably so.
Ron Paul probably wouldn't, as his congressional voting record would

In any event, we are going to presented with a "stimulus" package of some
where between $145-200 billion. This will encourage Americans to stimulate
the ecoomy by going out and buy some Nikes or Adidas, a suit from Men's
Warehouse, and a dress from Talbots. Now, just where are those items
manufactured? Uh, huh, you got it! This is a bad idea, and graft and waste
will accompany it.

Republicans and Democrats just don't get it. It's "the system". Once the money
is spent, if it is and not saved instead as was done with the last stimulus package
in 2201, there is still no available money from the middle-class on down. The m-c
has already tapped home equity and the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that
96.4% of all American earners have the same income as in 2000 or lower. It has
not even kept pace with inflation. For example, the average automobile worker
Detroit-Toledo makes $72,000. Those that have lost their manufacturing jobs to
foreign competition, down-sizing and leaving the US for Mexico or China, and have
taken courses to re-train, now make $34,000. Do the math for the lost wages. Yet,
they vote to continue "the establishment", "they system."

The Republicans and the Democrats are promising the sun, the moon, and the sky to
American voters, an election year scam. More "fairy-tales" to soothe the voter. The
tooth fairy will make the rounds and put $500-600 under your pillow. We will just
go into debt more and pretend it's not there. The dollar will go down more. Stock market will fall 2,000 to 4,000 points. Convert now to cash my friends.

Wouldn't we be better off by telling the American people the truth, as Paul does? I believeI heard that 70% of our debt is oil. Therefore, pour the money into new energy sources.Indeed, I saw Marcy on C-span yesterday and heard her say the magic word, "hydrogen",energy. Will wonders ever cease, lol....Or, pass legislation requiring American companiesto return to the US or face heavy taxes, maybe even help with the return. Or, giving incentives for Americans to buy American goods. Or, if globalization is to be, then placea significant tax on the profits of American companies gone abroad on the backs of the American worker and the US tax system.

This alone would bring hundreds of billions into
the US treasury. Now, all this money goes to the Corporation. This money would re-build America. Think about it, all this foreign produced money now goes to the corporation.

But, the truth and imaginative options is too much for our "dumbed-down" citizenry to
handle. Just give them their $500-600 for instant gratification and a sure vote for
the incumbency. Hey that's it...Just like imperial Rome, give the citizens games. Why, if Washington gets on the face track, we can take that money and buy a new HD TV just in time for the SuperBowl...Will that be a SONY, Samsung, Phillips? Hmm, is there an American manufactured TV?

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