Thursday, January 17, 2008

Canada Puts United States on the Torture List

Yes, Canada, that benign neighbor to the north has declared that the U.S. uses torture. The BBC says:

"The United States has been listed as a country where prisoners are at risk of torture in a training document produced by the Canadian foreign ministry.
It also classifies some US interrogation techniques as torture.
The manual - part of a training course on torture awareness for diplomats - also includes Israel, China, Iran and Afghanistan on its watch list."

Well, well, we're now on par with China, Iran and Afghanistan according to the Canadians. Thanks to the Bush/Cheney miscreant adventures, our nation has now descended to the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

I have to laugh at that Republican Party questionnaire I inadvertently received in the mail today. The part that claims that a President Hillary will "gut our military and intelligence services" is quite the joke! They truly are hypocrites, aren't they.

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