Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've Lost Track of His Total incompetence

There have been so many examples during the past seven years of George Bush's incompetence as our president that I've frankly lost count. Each time there is a new one, my memory just clicks, 'one more,' without registering it for future reference.

I do recall the sword dance he did in Saudi Arabia; that one is etched in my memory. Let's see, why did he visit Saudi Arabia? Oh, yes, their oil. Seems that the George Bush Energy Plan for America has, well, never existed and as a result, he had to go begging to the Saudi princes to lower oil prices. Even after his saber dance, even after holding his hand, even after smiling politely, they told him to go to hell.

It didn't work in the United Arab Emerits either, nor in Kuwait, a nation 'saved' by his father. No magic touch for the son, the bungling ne'erdowell came home empty handed to face the recession tumbling downward in his own nation.

Odd that he didn't visit Iraq along the way. He didn't set foot in his 'model of democracy' in the Middle East. Not one minute in Baghdad, but overnight in Riyahd. Apparently the Bush dream of making Iraq into a model democracy didn't works so well and thus he spent the night in a theocracy with a terrible human rights record run by men who support terrorists. That's what has become of George W. Bush. Disgusting at best, treasonous at worst.

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