Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time for Some Straight Talk, My Friend

John 'Straight Talk' McCain needs to explain some simple mathematics using his famous straight talk. It's not too complex: how does the government cut taxes and pay down the debt? Here's part two: how does a state government cut taxes and provide services to the residents?

I heard a speech, no doubt the run-of-the-mill, insert name of town, stump speech he gave to a Michigan audience on Saturday. The phrase 'cut taxes' rolled off his lips like spittle from a hound dog. Before that phrase finished bouncing through the audience he praised the [insert name] 'fine community college' where laid-off auto workers would get the re-training they would need to get back to work.

Perhaps Mr. 'tax-cut' McCain could explain how the community college rose from the dirt; could it have been a supernatural miracle? Did it suddenly appear one morning without the financial resources of the county and state treasury? By the way, as long as you are listening, my friend, how will these laid-off workers pay for the college classes?

And that airport at which he landed- was that also a miracle creation as well? No doubt the highway his straight-talk bus rode upon was a mysterious creation too!

'Cut taxes,' he repeats mindlessly. Sure, Mr. McCain, let's cut taxes some more and borrow another billion from China or Saudi Arabia. Spend-and-borrow Republicans like John McCain live in quite the fantasy world, my friend.

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