Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"There ought to be limits to freedom of speech."

That's a George W. Bush quote just in case you were wondering, but apparently, it is quite applicable to the way things are here in this bastion of democracy in which we live.

"NBC Blocks Kucinich From Debate" is another example of limits to free speech. It seems that NBC thinks that having Dennis Kucinich on the dais with Clinton, Obama and Edwards would be too distracting. Apparently, NBC hopes to cull more viewers with just the top three. According to the article:

Two days after inviting Dennis Kucinich to Tuesday's January 15 presidential debates, NBC decided to change its previously announced criteria and exclude the Ohio congressman. Friday morning, NBC political director Chuck Todd informed the Kucinich campaign that NBC would be "re-doing" the criteria for the debates and only Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards would be included.

Apparently American voters are not entitled to hear all sides of the political argument before they cast their vote. Well, what can you expect if you live in a 'democracy?'

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