Monday, January 14, 2008

Twice Today I'm been Accused of the Sin of Liberalism

It is only 10:30 in the morning and already on two different message boards I have been castigated as a 'liberal.' Oh, the pain of that word! Twice!

There is an international message board that I occasionally visit and this morning a new thread about how the American voting system works was posted for the non-American audience. Many do not understand just how complex our system is compared with, for example, European Union voting.

I posted a comment about the added complexity of voter-suppression that occurs here aimed primarily at poor people of color. I talked about electronic voting machine manipulation and vote-caging tactics that have been used by the GOP in the past two presidential elections.

Apparently this was more information than could be handled and , bang off, I was slapped with the 'liberal jerk' moniker a few comments later. I'll bet that 'liberal' and 'jerk' are not easily separated in the mind of this person. On ToledoTalk this morning this guy said of me: 'you sick twisted liberal freak.'

My my, some people are angry folks. Where do they get this vitriol, this poison in their veins? I wonder if they are always angry, always 'on edge.' Who would be so hate-filled as to bash a person's political beliefs as if using a club? Is politics so terribly important? If given the chance, would this person actually use a club or fists or a gun?

At least it was a good example the the Europeans of how some folks at the far corners of our political spectrum operate.

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